Mama, Ella Has a Penis!

confusedThere are things I really wish the other parents were telling their kids that would make life SO much easier for my daughter and me.  I wrote a friendly rant about this, along with some simple instructions on how to talk to young kids about gender identity.  It’s the brochure I’d like to hand out to everyone who has kids.  The cool online magazine, Mutha, is running it on their website.  Check it out here.

(And by the way, “Marlo Mack” is my newish pseudonym. But I’m still gendermom, too.)

12 thoughts on “Mama, Ella Has a Penis!

  1. Really interesting. I agree that children tend to accept things easily once they’re explained. But, they can be very conservative. I think it’s important we talk to them about accepting others and demonstrate it in our own lives and conversation.

  2. I love your blog and your writing. I have a pet peeve though: Teaching that girls external genitals are called their “vaginas.” The vagina is inside, and it’s the birth canal. I have taught my daughters that what they see on the outside is called a vulva. No one will ever see your vagina except your gynecologist. What do you think?

    • Mrs Odie 2: Well, technically, you are quite correct. We do seem to misidentify the organ. I would add, however, that the vagina is more than the birth canal. It is also for the physical act of sexual intercourse whether birth is involved or not. The vulva is, indeed, the genitalia that is visible. You make a good point as to how it all has become identified singularly as a vagina. Interesting point. I wonder why we do that?

      • Yes, you are right as well, except that most sexual pleasure comes from the clitoris, not the vagina. I’ve always wondered why the vagina became the name for “girl parts” when it’s really only one of many that could have been chosen, and the only one that’s completely internal and invisible.

  3. Marlo Mack: Keep it up and only time will tell who you will educate. Each one of your little ripple moves up the stream and may become a mighty waterfall. Social education of this type takes time and the teacher must remain steadfast and patient. Still, you are doing a very, very good thing. I salute you and M.

  4. “Ella” is a boy, hence the penis! Not a girl! SOMEONE should trace your IP and turn you in for child abuse ya sick freak

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