23 thoughts on “Another family just like mine.

  1. Understandably (albeit unfortunately) the comments and ‘like’ button have been turned off on the video, so I ‘liked’ it here, and here’s the comment I wanted to post … YAAAAAAAAAY *waves arms like Kermit*

  2. Make that a world-wide Mexican wave, including New Zealand. When I watched this video yesterday, I wondered if you knew them.And I cried too, at just how awesome that family was. Hugs and blessings to you all! ❤

    • Thank you all for the love from around the world! I have to admit that I’m glad to be spared reading the awful comments that inevitably sprout up in response to stories like this – I know I probably shouldn’t read them, but I somehow get sucked in… So far, my blog has been mostly spared from nasty comments.

    • I don’t know that family, but I hope I get to meet them one day! I do know other little boys like Ryland. He looks like a great kid – and a very lucky one to have such loving, sensitive parents.

  3. Awesome video (and sadly, I also know too well why they turned off likes and comments). I’m a trans guy here in Albuquerque. We have so many young trans kids and families we actually have a play group. The kids play together and the parents can talk. Philly trans health in June and Gender Odyssey in August have programs for parents and kids. http://www.trans-health.org/ and http://www.genderodyssey.org/

  4. I teared up during that, especially when I saw the statistic that most transgender people know they are transgender by the age of 5. It really makes me sad because these children are often suppressed until they hit the teen years and gain the confidence to stand up against everyone, or sometimes even later. They shouldn’t have to build up confidence, because they shouldn’t have to stand up against those they love. They should all be supported as much as your lovely daughter and this boy have been.

    • That makes perfect sense to me. I knew I was a girl when I was five. Why would cis people have an accurate gender self concept at a young age, but a trans person’s would be suspect? I’m glad that people are starting to think about it.

  5. What a wonderful story and truly heartwarming as is M’s. Yes, there are the awful people who can only condemn, but I like a quote by a great lady, Eleanor Roosevelt — ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ It is important in life to not let what the naysayers say make you feel inferior. We have a right and a duty to be our authentic selves. Thanks, Gendermom, for sharing your heart. You get a Kermit (and whatever else) wave from San Francisco!

  6. You are not allowed to leave comments on their video site but if you know them or are in contact with them please say congratulations to them for their wonderful parenting skills, just like yours, to have HAPPY, well adjusted children. For letting their children be who they are. Thank you for sticking up for your children. Your family and theirs are surely blessed!

  7. When I saw this video I instantly thought of you and M. Unfortunately I’ve seen so many negative articles online about this boys parents just let doing it for attention, and that children that age don’t have th ability to known or choose their gender. I was really upset by it. But I always stand by you and M., and anyone else in the same shoes.

    Much love, as always♡


  8. Dear friends,

    After watching this vedio, I feel a little bit shocked. Perhaps it is I that just misunderstand its thought or what the parents tried to tell us. I don’t know why they cut her hair and made her to become “him”. The kid was confused why she was born on such this way and asked her parents about it. And the kid also said,” after her families dies, she would cut her hair and become a boy.” What I want to know is that becoming a boy is really his(Ryland) will or it was just his parent’s one. Could any of you tell me the truth about the story to Ryland and his family? Please, thank you so much.

    Blessing to All of you.

    Jannes Liao, 27/06/2014, from Taiwan.

    • Ryland made it very clear to his family that he is a boy. His parents have helped him feel more comfortable in his body by letting him dress and wear his hair the way he wants it, and by calling him a boy.

    • I don’t know Ryland, but I don’t think that kids his age are able to necessarily articulate how it is that they are in the wrong gender. I think they may not be talking about body parts and that kind of thing in a video like this that was meant to talk about their family, but I’m sure what was described was not the whole story. I’m a trans guy, meaning I am like Ryland. I knew from early age something was up. I feel his parents acted appropriately. Keep in mind that they didn’t actually change anything except pronouns and some clothing and hair. They did NOT push anything on him, they followed his lead.

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