gendermom hits the air waves

radiotowerWell, sort of.  So far my podcast lives only on iTunes and the internet (at

Also, a wonderful website called Transom just published a feature about my podcast, and you can find it here:

Transom helps out newbies (like yours truly) in learning the ropes of producing stories for public radio. I wrote a short essay for them about the process of making my podcast.  I was really conflicted about the whole podcast project, actually.  I agonized for months about whether I should do it, since it meant putting my voice (as well as my daughter’s) on the air for all to hear.  I worried that someone would recognize our voices and that my daughter’s identity would be exposed.

In the end, I decided to risk it because I thought that my child would ultimately benefit from living in a world that had “met her” through my podcast. And, of course, I hope it helps others, too.  I use a pseudonym and am careful about not saying where we live or anything else that could identify us.

I think it will be OK.  Fingers and toes are crossed.

I’m still a little scared, but you can’t live in fear, right?  I don’t want my child to do so, and my hope is that this is one way to show her that I’m not about to do so either.


9 thoughts on “gendermom hits the air waves

  1. Writer Robin Sharma says, “As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” Pretty soon, Gendermom, you’ll be the expert in this field. You have already exceeded your expectations and are fearless.

  2. As someone just entering (sort of) the transition arena with my child, I thank you, wholeheartedly and completely. I totally relate to your parental feelings. So, thank you for taking the leap. This has helped me validate my feelings and has helped some of my family & friends to better understand my family. Again, thank you.

  3. We need people like you, Marlo, Im 49 & have just transitioned again, Im enjoying your podcasts, know exactly how your daughter felt before she told you, I wish I had told my father when I was 9 Yrs old, in my opinion you & your amazing daughter are an insperation to Transgenders of all ages all over the world, Please keep up your inspiring work, your daughter is such a lucky girl to have such a supportive & loving mother

  4. I hope that neither of you ever have to live in fear.Hopefully all this amazing work you’re doing now will negate that later. You ( or your daughter) will;always encounter ignorance but with luck there will be enlightened people always to offset that and the condition will be more widely known and accepted.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. It is people like you who are expanding the rights that we trans people have!! You are educating people, which is the cornerstone of acceptance!! Thank you for all that you do!! Also I really enjoy reading about you and your delightful daughter!! She is one lucky girl to have a Mom like you!! Everybody who reads your podcasts should thank you so you know the good you are creating!! ❤ Pamela

  6. I do not have a child with gender issues, I do however ensure my kids have a safe environment free from judgement to express themselves, however that may be. I wish you all the best and hope you keep up the podcast as I will be following your journey.

  7. I have just discovered your blog. My 15 yr old child has just announced he is a transgender & I am struggling to understand. He has always been a strong “he,” so this is overwhelming & new…is it 15 yr old hormones or really the truth? I want to love & accept & support. It’s not worth losing a child over & he/she seems much happier being able to talk openly with me about all of this. It’s definitely a struggle for me & I find myself longing for it to be ” a phase.” Your blog is helpful; your openess amazing.

    • Hi Margie, Thats awesome your child feels comfortable to tell you, honestly a lot of Trans people do act very strongly in their birth gender, but it comes a time when their true feelings take control resulting in realising what they really are, my advice is to help your new daughter on her journey towards complete womanhood, I can advise you if you need me to.
      Im 50 y/o and hopefully getting my surgery soon, this is also my second time around living as a female. Your child is very lucky to have a mum like you.

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