New podcast episode: Tom Boy Trans Girl

Xena battles a Sculpey Monster.

Xena battles Sculpey monster.

Hi friends.  I’ve posted Episode 4 of my podcast, “How to Be a Girl.”

The episode, “Tom Boy Trans Girl,” explores what it means to be a transgender girl who isn’t completely “girlie.”  It grew out of my reaction to M. starting to express less interest in princesses and pink, and more interest in “boy” stuff like ninjas and Pokémon.

Check it out if you want to hear M. pretending to be Xena, Warrior Princess.  You will also be introduced to her own super-hero alter-ego: Acrobat Girl! 

4 thoughts on “New podcast episode: Tom Boy Trans Girl

  1. Yes! I’ve been experiencing this lately, too and finding myself trying to push more pink and princess stuff on her, and I’m like, wait, what?! I would never do that to my other daughter!! Ah, the minefields!

  2. Well, what can I say? The concept of gender roles sort of went out the window after the Donna Reed Show and end of the Doris Day sunny pink frilly blonde. Hopefully, being a boy or being girl is not defined by how feminine or how masculine one acts out. Obviously, M is once again leading the way and showing that gender is what is in our gray matter and not sex organs or not stereotypical gestures. She is just being herself and how wonderful and precious that is! Thanks for sharing your marvelous journey.

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