Finally, Some Research on Kids Like Mine

typWhen my child first told me, at age three, that she was transgender, I began a search for some reliable, research-based data to guide my parenting.   Four years later, I’m still searching.

It turns out that there really isn’t any solid research that can address the questions that keep parents like me awake at night:  Is she likely to change her mind?  What does a transgender childhood look like?  How can I best support her?

The good news is that someone is finally (FINALLY!) doing the research that will provide us with some answers.  I wrote an Op Ed about it for The Advocate, and my daughter was featured in a public radio story about this ground-breaking study.

Good things are happening, friends!


5 thoughts on “Finally, Some Research on Kids Like Mine

  1. This will be most interesting to see what the results of this longitudinal study show. I can pretty much already assure you and the others involved that it will show that each one of these young men and women will have as perfectly normal lives as just about anyone else in the final analysis. Yes, transgender have issues to overcome, but overcome them they will and go on to live happy, loving and productive lives. End of story. The biggest challenge has always been the discrimination & prejudice of society & religion. Times are changing, however. Is the change fast enough?

  2. Look for an article titled: Gender Cognition in Transgender Children by Kristina R. Olson, Aidan C. Key, and Nicholas R. Eaton. It was published in Psychological Science 2015, Vol. 26(4) 467–474. If you cannot get the article, e-mail me and I will send it you.

    • Eva–I am looking for the article you mentioned as well as two others by Kristina Olson: Mental Health of Transgender Children Who are Supported in Their Identities and PrePubescent Transgender Children: What We Do and Do Not Know. I’m working on a paper for my master’s program researching gender dysphoria and am hoping to get my hands on these article, but I’m having trouble finding them with full text. Any help is greatly appreciated!

      • I have the first two articles, the third, What do we know? Costs money. Apparently the journal that it was published in has not released it yet. My school library doesn’t have access to it. You can send me an e-mail and I will e-mail the articles to you. I am also going to school, getting my master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

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