Reunion time!

GO-2015-v2This weekend M. and I are going to a family reunion.  It starts tonight with a pool party at the hotel.  Tomorrow we head to the convention center to hang out with a thousand or so members of our adopted extended family.  We don’t know most of them, but we met some of them last year and it was amazing.

M. will spend her days at the free kids’ camp while I attend a fascinating, validating, hope-inducing array of workshops and tearful bonding sessions with parents like me from around the country.  I’ve heard that the number of families attending the conference has doubled since last year.  Yes, the word’s getting out, folks:  Kids like mine are with us to stay, and they’re perfect and beautiful, and this weekend they’re heading to Seattle to play and laugh and be reminded that they aren’t alone in the world after all.

Maybe we’ll see you there?


p.s. My pal interviewed me for his awesome podcast.  You can listen here.

2 thoughts on “Reunion time!

  1. I am here! And I am an avid reader of your blog and would love to meet you. Shoot me am email if you have some time and maybe we catch each other between some of the panels.

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