Deep Stealth Mode

M. is getting ready to start second grade at a new school next week.  She’s enrolled as a girl.  Since she’s very private about being transgender, only three people in her large public elementary school will know this about her:  Her teacher, the school counselor, and her best buddy and fellow-second-grader, Posey.

I worked with the producers of the Here Be Monsters podcast to create an audio piece about what it’s like to be the (fairly freaked-out) mother of a stealth second-grader.  You can listen here.

School starts in seven short days.  Wish me luckhbm, friends!

8 thoughts on “Deep Stealth Mode

  1. I just listened to this as my girls ran around the house, playing dress up princesses and Star Wars simultaneously. I broke down when your daughter said you were doing a good job because you are. We never hear that from our children–or anyone else for that matter–and I was just thinking how special that mother daughter relationship is. You ARE doing such an amazing job and I’m inspired by your parenting, the way you connect with your daughter and how in-tune you are with her needs. I hope to be more like you as I raise up my little “girls who like ninjas.” Much love and respect, Jenny

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