Don’t Give Up.


IMG_0408I sat down with my seven-year-old transgender daughter and asked her to tell me the story of her fight to be seen as the girl she always knew she was. I also asked her to offer some advice for other kids like her – and for their parents.

I recorded her words and added some images to make this video.  I could not be prouder of my child or more inspired by her courage, passion, and compassion.

This is what she said.

17 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up.

  1. That was amazing!! What a cutie!! I think that is one of the most empowering videos!!! Hearing what she has to say…with her intimations and emotions, it makes it more real.

    This video should be out there in the world!! I will do my part to share it because I think nothing is more true than when a child speaks their mind–they are more honest.

    And your daughter was very honest. You can even hear at points where she was hurt but how she is confident now!

    I am so proud of her but you as well, mom!!

    Thank YOU! 💕💕

  2. Fantastic video M !!! I love how you are sharing your journey and helping other kids and families to understand Transgender people. My daughter is transgender also, she is 10 years old now and I couldn’t be more proud of her for not giving up just like you. Hugs to you and your family.

  3. Gendermom: What an emotionally mature, spiritually wise and sincerely honest child you have! M is a role model for transgender people AND their family members. Your video is wonderful and skillful and meaningful. Thank you for sharing and for adding M’s narrative to the trans discussion. She is a real treasure and so are you!

  4. Wow! I am incredibly impressed with your daughter. She thinks like an adult, she’s incredibly self confident, strong and loving. In addition, well done mom and dad!!! I am 48 year old female. Right now, I have gender dysphoria. I can’t find help anywhere because you can’t get help with Medicare as your sole insurance. I am disabled due to numerous mental health illnesses, which if I were able to physically switch, I may not be struggling so much with all of the other stuff. UGH! It’s a vicious circle! Thank you for sharing to your daughter!

  5. This is amazing!! Thank you thank you! I don’t have a real way to relate to M’s story; I just found your blog because I wanted to learn more, and you two have been so informative and interesting. I love hearing her talk about this as it is- just a fact of life, something some kids go through. And the ultimate advice to just support your children and love them is wonderful. She’s so wise. And you’re obviously a great parent- maybe not perfect all the time, but you’re clearly supportive and loving =) Thank you for letting us in on this!

  6. I’m showing this to my trans son, who is almost five. We just changed pronouns this week because he didn’t object to them earlier and was content as long as we called him a boy. It felt time to change though.
    Miss M has it right on the money and I love listening to her explanations.

  7. I blogged about this on my blog–sharing the video and a link to your site. I hope you don’t mind me using the picture you have above in my post. I have credited it to you of course!

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