New podcast: A bathroom bill in my backyard

I never thought a bathroom bill – the kind they passed in North Carolina – would come to my home state.  But it did.  They’re trying to pass one where I live, and I made this podcast episode to tell the story of my fight (so far) against it.

Below are some of the photos I’ve taken over the past few months, as I’ve taken part in the effort to keep bathrooms (and locker rooms) truly safe – for transgender people and everyone else. (Note: These photos will make a lot more sense AFTER you listen to the episode!)


One of the hundreds of stickers worn by supporters of the bathroom bill at the senate hearing. This one was worn by one of the friendly “church ladies” who sat next to me.


Stickers, stickers everywhere!!  (In the hallway outside the hearing room.)


My view as I sat i the senate gallery. I can’t get away from these %^*!!*@*# stickers!


The senator behind the bathroom bill.  Because it would upset my mother, I’m not going to say what I actually think about this guy.  You can probably guess. 


The poster my daughter made to thank the Republican senator whose vote helped kill the bathroom bill.  In case you can’t make out what my proud trans girl is saying,  it’s this: “I’m trans and I’m going in the girls room.”


Senator Fain (center), a politician with principles (who knew, right? And a Republican!). His words in support of transgender rights blew me away.   

17 thoughts on “New podcast: A bathroom bill in my backyard

  1. As a PFLAG member and a supporter of the LGBTQ community, I thank you for putting yourself out there. You’re doing a great job. Love the support you are providing your daughter.

  2. This all happens because we are ruled by fears. It shows here in Europe too but from what I have followed things in States it is much more common in there. This bathroom bill is something people feel that they have power over and what they can do to keep their little world safe…when it actually does make it more unsafe and gives more power to those who loves to raise these kinds of fears. It is sad that these are the issues what people feel that are important. We have 40 years to save this planet, after that nobody needs bathrooms if nothing is done, but these are the important issues for the people on today. I’m sorry that you have to go this through with your daughter. Where I live things are better what comes to that, but there is still work that needs to be done in here too. I hope there will be a day when nobody needs to fight to have equal rights.

  3. Yay for this update!
    And thank you so much for telling your story.
    I have been following your podcast for some time, and was so proud to learn that you also live in Seattle!
    The possibilty of running into you and your daughter around town just makes me smile.
    Sendings lots of love your way.

  4. Your daughter’s sign is possibly the most powerful tool this fight can have, because the people wearing those stickers aren’t picturing a little girl who wants to pee without fuss and drama, they’re picturing some kind of folk devil sex attacker who dons a wig and heels to sneak into the bathroom and rape women. Hopefully actually meeting someone who would be directly and incontrovertibly harmed by the bill they’re supporting to “protect” her would be the wake-up call for some people to realise that the folk devil doesn’t exist but your daughter does.

  5. You have encapsulated the essence of the struggle .. a Mom and a daughter who are living the ups and downs of childhood with the extra topping of trans trying to inform an uninformed group that hopefully can stretch their hearts and minds.

  6. I think if any of those sticker-wearers were to listen to your podcasts and gained a better understanding of the issues they would quickly change their standpoint. People’s inability (or point-blank refusal, maybe?) to imagine themselves into another person’s situation seems, unfortunately, to be behind so many thoughtless, heartless decisions.

  7. Thank you for being a warrior for our community! I am currently a student at a seminary. I am the first transgender person to attend there. I will pray for you and your daughter and that the initiative will fail.

  8. You and your daughter are amazing! Here’s some love from east of the mountains in Wenatchee! Thank you for sharing your stories and giving perspective and understanding to those of us who do not have transgender people in our lives. ❤

  9. Thank you for continuing to share your story with such honesty and vulnerability…so powerful. Loved hearing the support and love of your family, too. We are rooting for you!

  10. Thanks so much for your advocacy work! I really appreciate all your doing to make the world a better place.

  11. I cried and cried for humanity when I listened to this latest episode. I just breaks my heart that people believe that they are protecting families with this bill. It is so utterly ridiculous is beggars belief. I hope that your daughter gets to live as an adult in a world where there are no labels, where we just are who we are and we love who we love. Thank you for sharing your powerful, beautifully edited journey with so much honesty and dignity. You and your family are amazing!

  12. Why don’t you think women and girls need sex-segregated bathrooms, showers etc? I do, because last time I looked male violence and sexual aggression was still a thing. In other parts of the world girls have to drop out of school because of the risk of rape by men in public toilets.

    The trans umbrella now covers part time cross-dressers and fetishists. 80% of transwomen have and intend to keep their penis, and less than a third of them are attracted to men. A study which followed the entire trans population of Sweden found that transwomen commit sex and violent crimes at the same rate as men.

    The Orwellian Big Lie is that no transwoman ever has committed a sex or violent crime against a woman or girl. This is blatantly untrue, and there are several blogs which record each new conviction.

    But even if every trans person was a living saint the fact remains that if people are allowed to access bathrooms and other sex (not gender) segregated spaces on the basis of an impossible to disprove gender identity, then there is nothing to prevent any man doing so.

    It was easier to advocate for old-fashioned transsexuals – gay men who had SRS – who posed no threat to women. These days porn sick sissy and forced fem men come under the trans umbrella. Plenty of them find using women’s facilities highly arousing. A week or two on Reddit asktransgender or exploring sissy porn will open your eyes.

    • I am a transsexual who has had SRS, but I have always been attracted to women and now consider myself a lesbian. As to the trans umbrella i have no control over that. I am just trying to live my life as the best woman I can be. I am also a femininist, I have experience with the patriarchy and being a second class person.

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