How to Be a Dad

When my husband and I split up four years ago, we agreed to share custody of our….”son.” Four years later, we have a transgender daughter, and the crazy truth is that I’ve never really asked him how he feels about this.  So I did.  And I recorded his answer for the latest episode of my podcast.  I asked him a lot of other questions, too, about his role as the father of a young transgender daughter.  Some of his answers made me cry (in a good way). I hope you’ll listen.



5 thoughts on “How to Be a Dad

  1. Loved this beautiful podcast. Your former husband seems like such a thoughtful and considerate parent. And also just a kind and good human being! Warmest wishes from Marrakech v

  2. Gendermom: Yes, she is very lucky to have a dad like your ex, but she is also very lucky to have a whole family of relatives who love her for her. And I can tell you that, yes, one day she will let you know and her dad know that she is so grateful to you both for supporting her and loving her. This was a touchingly beautiful episode that really went to the core of the issue of transgenderism. Well done!

  3. Congratulations on your podcast! I don’t always have time to listen to podcasts when I run across them, as I do not today. I do hope you will publish transcripts for those of us who are more visually oriented than auditory. In the meantime, I hope to make time for this podcast sometime this weekend.

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