New podcast episode: Play Date

My transgender daughter has lots of friends, and we’re big on play dates with other little girls. But sometimes a shared passion for Legos and Shopkins doesn’t cut it. Sometimes she needs to spend some time with a friend who’s just like her.

“How to Be a Girl” Episode XIII: Play Date


My daughter with her pal, Tess.

One thought on “New podcast episode: Play Date

  1. This was a great podcast!! It did make me cry though. Why do we need to justify who our children or ourselves are to other people. Can’t they just be happy that we are!! I am so unhappy having to explain my existence to others. I am so happy that your daughter has such a great sounding friend in Tess. I feel they will have many happy experiences together and be there for each other during the hard times. ❤ Pamela

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