6 thoughts on “New podcast episode: My Friend Lauren

  1. I loved this so much, especially as I am writing my novel series about how I wish my life had been and a friends name in it is Lauren, who would be about the same age. Marlo, I would love to be in contact via email to advise you and your daughter, this is my second time living as a female and even though I live In Melbourne, Australia, would dearly love to answer any questions either of you had.
    Listening to this podcast made me realise that the first time I knew I was a girl was in 1974 and I’m certain my mum and I were watching the Christine Jorgenson story, thank you for being such an awesome mum to your daughter. I hope to hear back soon.

  2. Gendermom: Lauren & other older trans people deserve recognition for living or trying to live their authentic lives, but the real brave trans people are the young trans kids of today. They & their advocates are truly educating America & the world on trans issues. It is a new day for transgender people. No pun intended, but this genie cannot be put back in the bottle! Your trans daughter will not just live her trans life, she will astound you on how well she will thrive!

  3. I’m a 29 year old trans woman and two days ago, driving home from Cali I started listening to your podcast and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so genuinely connected and proud of somebody that I don’t even know.

    You are absolutely amazing. And what you’re doing for your daughter…

    i could only ever dream of that.

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