New podcast episode: Just Maybe



M. with her beloved doll, Iris (doll and matching dresses hand-made by her amazing Auntie R.)

It was about a year after she transitioned – around age six – when I realized that if my daughter continued along this path, she was never going to be a mommy.  At least not a biological one.  I’ve grieved for this quietly for a long time now, and I haven’t had the heart to tell my daughter the bad news.  It seemed like such a cruel thing to tell your young child:  You will never have a baby.  

But recently a sliver of hope appeared: I learned about some ways in which my child might actually have a shot at becoming a biological parent.  It’s not a sure thing; it’s a maybe.  Just maybe…

You can listen to the story here >

3 thoughts on “New podcast episode: Just Maybe

  1. Well, Gendermom, we have all learned to never say never so, yes, “just maybe” is the correct answer. We don’t know what might be possible in the near and far future. Still, one lesson we’ve all had to learn is to have high expectations and strive for them, but learn to live successfully with the situations that life ultimately dishes out for us. Happiness really is a state of mind and not a physical condition. May M and you have nothing but happiness in your lives.

  2. I’m wondering if something like Cytoplasmic transfer could help?
    Like if you took the DNA form a non-reproductive cell and put it into a donor egg?
    (I’m not a geneticist, but I thought it might be something to ask your friend)

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