New podcast episode: The Window

In 2013, Obama opened a window for transgender people when he made it easier to change the gender on your Social Security record. But with Trump coming into office, it looks like that window is about to close.  I hadn’t been in much of a rush to change my 9-year-old transgender daughter’s Social Security record, but I sure am now.


5 thoughts on “New podcast episode: The Window

  1. Is it wise to change it when she is so young? What if she changes her mind at some point down the road? It just seems like a very serious and adult decision to be made by a child (not claiming her gender, but changing all of her official paperwork). Genuinely curious and interested about this, I know many people are rushing to accomplish things before Voldemort take office.

    • I have a feeling it will be a lot easier to change back to a birth-assigned gender than to change paperwork to reflect a true felt gender, under the new overlord, I mean, the new president. This seems like a sensible precautionary measure.

    • @Emily: First, Statistically speaking, VERY FEW people “change their mind.” Second, acting in the best interest of your child, as their advocate & protector, is ALWAYS wise & quite a serious responsibility. Third, regardless of how one, as you so interestingly put it,”claims” their gender, it will be exceedingly important to have the official paperwork in order to fend off those that threaten both the rights & safety of the LGBTQQIAA community.

  2. Highly interesting & topical issue. As a transgender senior citizen who transitioned 40 years ago, I had neglected to bother with changing my SSA data, until last year at 65 yrs old when I applied for Medicare (you have to go through SSA) & they subsequently contacted me & said they had a problem with my application. So, like you, I had to go down to the SSA office with my documents & get it changed. It was very easy & like you I was exceedingly grateful. My biggest problem is that my birth state of Ohio WILL NOT reissue or change the gender marker on anyone’s birth certificate. Luckily, the U.S. Passport office issued me a passport with my correct gender & info (and so that has to replace my birth certificate until the time comes when Ohio moves into the 21st century!). Everyone is justified in feeling panicked & concerned about what this new bizarre administration may or may not do. Congratulations, Gendermom, for being on top of this issue!

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