4 thoughts on “Podcast: When it rains it pours

  1. This episode really touched my heart, Marlo. I’ve loved your podcast since the beginning, but I don’t have kids of my own yet, so I couldn’t truly relate on a personal level to your experiences with your sweet daughter. However, this past December my mom was diagnosed with a serious, often-fatal form of leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant in March. She’s doing pretty well and I, too, am trying to embrace the feeling of hope that comes with summer’s longer days. The thing that scares me most about my mom’s cancer is the fear that she won’t get to know her (future???) grandchild or grandchildren, and have the kinds of experiences and closeness with her that I dream of. I’m so glad your daughter (and you!) have such a great relationship with your mom, and I am quite sure that love surrounding her makes a huge difference as she gets through the difficult hurdles of cancer treatment. I really believe the support of loved ones, laughter and hope make a difference on a cellular level for the sick person, and I hope it helps you and your family members cope too. Sending all my love and wishes for more hopeful days, and celebrations ahead.

  2. First time I’ve come across your podcasts but will def be tuning in for the future

  3. Ah, Gendermom, never doubt your strength! You are an incredibly durable, flexible & strong person. Congratulations on so many levels: your mom, your daughter, your successful podcast & your sunny summer! I know that all will turn out well. Your mother is so blessed to have a daughter like you & your daughter is so blessed to have a mother like you! I am blessed to know you!

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