6 thoughts on “We’re back! A new season of podcasts

  1. Hi, I am an ancient trans woman from England, now 67 years old. I just wanted to voice my support and send love to you all. Congratulations on your new life of marriage and moves. A stressful time no doubt.

    You are a beautiful person. I am not a religious person so no prayers from here, BUT you have my very best wishes for a smooth transition in your lives and you bring me tears and smiles. I look forward to more podcasts,


  2. I’m an advocate, mom , and admirer. You havr such a rich way of telling your compelling story. Thank you and your beautiful daughter for sharing your story with the world.

  3. Welcome back, Gendermom. Right back where you belong, Keep on doing the good work you’ve been doing! It just gets better!

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