New podcast episode: Jazz and Jeanette Jennings

I’ll never forget the day, soon after my four-year-old “son” told me she was my daughter, when I went online and found a video of little Jazz talking with Barbara Walters.  Her family’s courage literally changed the course of our lives.

It was such an honor to get to talk with Jazz and Jeanette Jennings for this episode.  They are my heroes!!

You can listen here:



3 thoughts on “New podcast episode: Jazz and Jeanette Jennings

  1. A comment that caught my ear was the one where someone asked Jazz if a magic wand could change her into being born a cisgirl. Her response was NO I am proud to be transgender. As I have worked on my program to be ordained in the Lutheran church I have thought about that. My understanding is that God made us transgender because he had a purpose for us. Unlike most people we have to struggle to be who we truly are. God set us on this path to make us stronger and able to show others that they need to be their true self no matter the obstacles. Thank you for sharing your and your daughters life in this way. It gives me hope for the future. Blessings, Pamela

  2. As you say, gendermom, there are critics & they’re going to criticize, there are haters & they’re going to hate. But, truly, there are & have always been transgender people & they’re going to exist in this world. Jazz & M & all the other transgender people in the world are NOT going to disappear. We each have struggled on our own path to be who we are & contribute to the world in our own way. Jazz & her mom, like you & M, are courageous people. It takes real courage to be a trans person/child. Happy Mothers Day!!

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