New podcast episode: The Prince

Did you know there’s a wedding coming up, uniting an Englishman with an American bride?

Listen now for ALL the juicy details on this intercontinental couple’s forthcoming nuptials! (And hear what my daughter thinks of her soon-to-be stepdad.)




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One thought on “New podcast episode: The Prince

  1. “And they all lived happily ever after.” I know that there’s more to come on your fairy tale romance & wedding, but I couldn’t resist. Having been a step-child myself, I can only say it is as good as the step-parent & step-child can make it. It can go great as possible or turn out to be a disaster. However, sounds like your Prince is ready & prepared to co-rule the castle with love & honesty. And it sounds like M has proper expectations of a step-father, knowing full well who her real father is. Note: Pay close attention to the Saturday wedding in London as there may be some excellent points from which you could benefit! Tally-ho!

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