A little update from Marlo

This tiny podcast episode is mostly silly, and a little bit serious.  I also have some news. Plus, cat videos! And: ATTENTION SEATTLE-AREA FRIENDS: My public radio partner, KUOW, is hosting a (free) How to Be a Girl listening party in Seattle on February 26! Reserve a seat here. 


New podcast episode: The Window

In 2013, Obama opened a window for transgender people when he made it easier to change the gender on your Social Security record. But with Trump coming into office, it looks like that window is about to close.  I hadn’t been in much of a rush to change my 9-year-old transgender daughter’s Social Security record,…


New podcast episode: How to be a (teen) girl

Yeah, I know it’s still five years off, but the truth is I’m already pretty freaked out about my transgender daughter becoming a teenager.  You may be, too, even if your child isn’t trans. But, as one of my amazing experts in this episode puts it:  “Shut up. You don’t know the half of it.”…


Do you listen to the parent or the child?

I received an email recently from a mother who asked for my advice. I think it’s a great question and not an easy one to answer, but I tried, because I think it’s so important. I’m curious what you think about this question and my response. I’m sure others have encountered this situation and I…


New podcast episode: Just Maybe

  It was about a year after she transitioned – around age six – when I realized that if my daughter continued along this path, she was never going to be a mommy.  At least not a biological one.  I’ve grieved for this quietly for a long time now, and I haven’t had the heart…