In addition to this blog, I also produce an audio podcast about life with M.  It’s called “How to Be a Girl.”  It includes conversations I’ve had with my daughter about what it’s like to be a young transgender girl.

You can find it at www.howtobeagirlpodcast.com and on iTunes.

logoI’ve joined a collective of independent podcasters called The Heard.  They’re producing amazing audio stories; I hope you’ll check them out:theheard

6 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. wow it’s so wonderful that you are so understanding I once had a son also now I have Alexa Bell she’s 15 and she also knew at birth she was a girl! Love hugs and many prayers on this beautiful journey you all are on
    Amanda Fuller

  2. I listened to your first podcast today and can’t wait to hear the others. It warms my heart in how you are honouring your daughter. It will make every difference in how she ultimately feels about herself. And you are also setting the stage for how all of her loved ones learn to accept the situation. Bravo, Mom! It sounds like you’re doing a brilliant job! Your child is lucky.

  3. I heard your, and your daughters, story on the love + radio podcast. It brought me to tears in the best possible way. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. I wish you both the best.

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