2 thoughts on “New podcast episode: To tell or not to tell?

  1. I don’t know you .. but I get you.
    This episode has me in floods of tears. I am now a trans woman of 67. .
    You are an awesome parent. You ask. You listen. You hear. Your daughter has a voice and you honour that voice.
    I hid for so many years and the pain is still there.,, If only …
    As for my advice, well I have none as this is YOUR (plural) existence. Only you know the nuances of your community, of your school.
    Whatever you both decide, it will be the right decision made in the knowledge you have at the time.
    Hindsight screws our perception so when I look back and say “I wish I had …” then I am deceived by the knowledge I have now.
    Your podcasts are so valuable to trans folks and everyone with ears to hear.
    I will keep listening and wishing the best for you and a fulfilling, safe life for your daughter.
    Respect and love,
    Josi x

  2. Gendermom: This podcast nailed it! It revealed that there IS NO one answer for trans kids/adults. One must try to do the best they can with what they have to work with. Each must find their own path. I respect each of the 3 paths you identified. It’s especially difficult & challenging for a child. Your daughter is smart & strong & will thrive. Be happy…the time you have each other is precious. Thank you for this wonderful moment.

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