New podcast episode: My Friend Lauren

At this unthinkable moment, this woman gives me hope.  She lived boldly and authentically in an era when almost no one acknowledged her existence.  Today, she’s the one I turn to when I’m terrified. I hope she gives you some hope, too. Listen to My Friend Lauren


New podcast episode: Play Date

My transgender daughter has lots of friends, and we’re big on play dates with other little girls. But sometimes a shared passion for Legos and Shopkins doesn’t cut it. Sometimes she needs to spend some time with a friend who’s just like her. “How to Be a Girl” Episode XIII: Play Date


How to Be a Dad

When my husband and I split up four years ago, we agreed to share custody of our….”son.” Four years later, we have a transgender daughter, and the crazy truth is that I’ve never really asked him how he feels about this.  So I did.  And I recorded his answer for the latest episode of my…


Dear Ms. S.

My little wonder starts third grade tomorrow. (How did that happen?) We bought all her school supplies and some snazzy new clothes. She’s got her first-day outfit picked out. Now all that’s left is for her mom to email the teacher: Dear Ms. S., It’s hard to believe that tomorrow my little girl starts third…


New podcast episode: Short and Silly

This mini-episode of my podcast is a little update on what we’ve been up to, with some very silly audio of my daughter.  (What can I say?  It’s been a silly summer!)   There’s also an important announcement about the future of my podcast (it’s good news, I promise) and an update on my daughter’s love life (and…


Some really interesting questions

I recently had a chance to talk with Hillary Frank, a fellow mother of a young daughter, and the smart and talented host of a parenting podcast called The Longest Shortest Time. She asked some really interesting questions no one had asked me before, about what it’s like to parent my trans daughter. You can listen here.…


New podcast: A bathroom bill in my backyard

I never thought a bathroom bill – the kind they passed in North Carolina – would come to my home state.  But it did.  They’re trying to pass one where I live, and I made this podcast episode to tell the story of my fight (so far) against it. Below are some of the photos I’ve…