My book!

I’m so very excited to announce my book!

How to Be a Girl  By  cover art
I love this photo so much.

It’s a memoir about my own transition, from clinging to the belief that I had a son to embracing my beautiful transgender daughter. You’ll recognize some of the stories from this blog, but most of it is new. You’ll also get to hear the voice of my daughter and others who have been along with us on this unexpected, frightening, fantastic journey.

This book is a love song, dedicated to my precious daughter and to every child asking to be seen for who they truly are – and every parent who has loved a child beyond all reason.

Published by Audible Originals and narrated by yours truly.

(It’s officially coming out on November 5, but you can pre-order it now:

With love and gratitude,


5 thoughts on “My book!

  1. Marlo, congratulations and hugs on your book! I’ve already shared the news with our counselor and our lgbtq+ family. Question for you- I don’t have an audible account and would love to have a physical copy; will there be a paperback or hard book version released? I’d love to order it in that format. Thank you so much-for all that you do for your daughter and for helping other parents and people share their incredible stories and embrace their authentic, beautiful selves.

    Dana Dryer


  2. Marlow

    Hello I would be interested in interviewing you about your new book for Transpositive PDX on KBOO Radio in Portland. Would you be available sometime this week for an interview by zoom?

    Emma Transpositive PDX

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