New podcast episode: Emma at last


M. and Emma!

I want you to meet my good friend, Emma. When she was a little girl, she was just like my daughter. But no one knew her for 60 years. I’m so glad she’s here now.

You can hear Emma’s story (and the story of her friendship with me and my daughter) in the latest episode of “How to Be a Girl.”

I actually recorded this interview with Emma many, many months ago. As I’ve shared already, it’s been a challenging year, and that’s made it difficult to do much work on the podcast. But I’m hanging in there, learning a lot about myself, and I think I’m becoming both tougher and kinder (to myself and others), which feels like a good direction. Thanks for your patience with me (especially Emma! And my tirelessly supportive editor, Whitney!).

You may notice that my daughter was still in elementary school in this episode. Aah, how time flies! She is now in MIDDLE SCHOOL. So far and fingers crossed, it’s going really well. And I promise to get you an update on sixth grade soon(ish). (At least I’ll try really hard, OK?)

Thank you for hanging in there with me. Thanks for the generous support and kind emails (and apologies that I don’t always get back to you – I still love hearing from you and I hold your stories close to my heart).

Take good care.




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