It’s a book!

Dear friends,

I just wanted to make sure you knew about my latest news: My book!

(It’s officially coming out in print tomorrow, and you can probably find it at your local bookstore or library.)

This blog is where I first started writing down stories (more than eight years ago!) about my beautiful daughter, and about the new world she opened up to me when she first told me she wasn’t the boy I believed her to be. It’s amazing (and a little surreal) that these stories are now printed in the pages of an actual book. May it spread a little more hope and joy into the lives of children like mine, and into the lives of those who love them and fight for them.

Love and gratitude,


3 thoughts on “It’s a book!

  1. Congratulations Marlo!!! I am sooo excited for you and your amazing daughter. You and your family have been teaching the world for all these years! This book is a wonderful gift to humanity!!

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