New podcast episode: THE TELL

A few weeks after starting fifth grade at a new school, my daughter came home and announced, “I have a new best friend and I’m going to tell her in a month that I’m transgender.”

In the meantime, her new stepdad is giving her poker lessons.

Hear all about it in the latest episode of “How to Be a Girl”:  THE TELL.


One thought on “New podcast episode: THE TELL

  1. Well, first, I will say that I’m sure things will turn out okay with “the friend” in the know. I certainly want everything to work out well for M & you. Second, don’t be surprised if the situation doesn’t work out. In either case, I think the two of you are some of the bravest, most courageous people I know. No matter what, M will grow up & be a beautiful transgender girl with everything to live for.

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