New podcast episode: The Medical Stuff

Dear friends,

It’s been almost a year since my last episode.  What a year!  I’m sure it’s felt like several years (or decades?) to many of you, too.  I hope you are healthy and thriving, finding your way through these challenging times.  I hope you are safe and surrounded by love, and I thank you for hanging in there with us, for all these years, through all our ups and downs.  I also thank you for your patience with my long silences between episodes.   

For years, people have asked me what I would do when my transgender daughter hit puberty.  Was I going to let her do… “the medical stuff?” Well, right after the pandemic struck, so did puberty.  And this is what my daughter (and her mother) decided to do.

The lispy little three-year-old you once heard telling her mother that she is NOT a boy – and explaining the vital differences between fairies and princesses (if you’ve forgotten this critical distinction, see Episode One) – is now 13 years old and just started 8th grade.  Where did the time go?

We have arrived at the end of one era of our lives (her childhood) and the start of the exciting new phase that is just beginning: Her adolescence and budding womanhood. I’m so grateful to you all for being part of this adventure so far, and I promise to keep you updated on the next chapter, if and when I can (which means when my daughter says it’s OK). 

For now, she has authorized me to share what’s happening with puberty and the first steps of her gender-affirming medical care.  She is joined in this episode by one of my heroes – Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy. I think they make a pretty amazing team. I hope you agree: 

Episode XXXII: The Medical Stuff

With love and gratitude,


2 thoughts on “New podcast episode: The Medical Stuff

  1. I have one word: JOY!

    This was an eye opening podcast on this issue & your interview with Dr. Jo was highly informative. Congratulations all the way around!

  2. Wow Marlo, I cannot believe how old M sounds now! I mean, you clearly already know this. But as someone who has been listening to your podcast for a long time I love hearing how confident and happy she sounds as a new teenager!

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